Business in Zeeland

Entrepreneurship with the wind in the sails

Impuls Zeeland offers quick access to everything so you can excel as an entrepreneur in Zeeland, such as market information, business support and the right contacts. Via Impuls Zeeland you may find a business partner, financier or the perfect location for your business. We are continually on the look-out for business opportunities and specific opportunities in Zeeland for innovative and sustainable business ventures.

In Zeeland, we maneuver in all corners of the business world. We are associated to institutes of higher education, have short lines to governmental organizations and maintain ties to economically interesting neighboring regions, such as Antwerp and Brabant. Within this large network we play a central, connecting role. This is how we further entrepreneurship in Zeeland, commissioned by the Province of Zeeland. We work independently and free of charge. Come talk to us!